Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Back again from an idle period,school and so on.
Singing to the i can say that we are all want to be in a place called vertigo ! (depends on how each one wants his place ;) )

It's a beautiful day! (rainy actually in Athens)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Between the sky and the ground

The ladder, an importan tool for the airplanes. Helps the passengers and makes them feel amazed. A contact without ground, but still having it in your visual range. Your feet haven't touched the ground of your destination, but you can feel it. Also, well know actors, singers etc, have been fotographed in front of a ladder

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So,it's true !500 visitors! What a great feeling! When me and vilettos opened this blog, we never thought it would have all this success! Thanks to EVERY unique visitor, for the support. I promise to keep on posting( It's summer time,and I will be out of Athens for a long period of time)

Friday, June 20, 2008

I believe i can fly

Because everyone can fly,if he tries!

Commercials in the Middle East,Arabia

So,the main purpose of this trip is to demostrate tv spots of different airlines in the world.Today,we are going to present tv spots of airlines in the Middle East,Arabia etc.These airlines,with worldwide customers show off their luxury in their commercials.Enjoy!

Be good to yourself,Fly Emirates is the slogan of Emirates airline

Keep discovering,an other one:

From Abu Dhabi to the world says Ethiad,presenting her destinations all over the world

Qatar Airways presenting proudly their premium terminal in Doha:

And of course their services:

Saudi Arabian airlines tv spot:

The same airline promoting her new fleet

So,next stop,Middle East,with Lebanon airlines,Egypt air,El Al and Royal Jordanian

Mea's spot,lovely!

Egypt's Air commercial,with the help of Flight Simulator(Sorry but i didn't find any tv spot of this airline)

El Al introduced to us with the 777 spot:

RJ's spot with the luxury 320 with Personal Tvs,what a great airline!

So,that's it for today,next trip to Europe with as many airline commercials as possible.Have a nice day!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Safety Videos

Safety videos is a very important thing in a flight. Airlines try to make these videos both friendly to passengers and both informing clearly the passengers. So, we are going to have a tour of safety demonstration videos this period.

Today we are going to have a toor on the Asia

My well-loved Thai

Singapore makes sense with her captain

Japan's airlines video:

Cathay's Pacific safety demonstration:

So, that's it for today ,I hope you enjoyed the journey of safety videos in Asia

Some other pics

Today we visited with Vilettos the ultimate world wide hub(just dreaming :P).Here are some other pictures,from my camera. Comments always appreciated!

Thai 777-200ER taxies for her return flight to Bangkok,with number 946. I love this airline and this aircraft,for personal resons!

Olympic's proudest 737, Vergina is having her pushback.

A clean cockpit is always necessary!

Emirates flight to Dubai with the well-loved 777-300ER!

And the last one,a Turkish Airlines brand new A321 a few moments before touchdown!